Nokia 3310

Nokia 6610

Nokia 6681 blue edition (Symbian 8.0a)

Transfer contacts (solved)

Transfer messages (open issue)

Inbox contact format (bug)

The phone has a configuration setting whether to display contacts as lastname, firstname or as firstname lastname. This setting is respected in all contact lists, like the phonebook, outbox, drafts, etc, but in the inbox contacts are always displayed as lastname, firstname.

Telephone log information (missing feature)

Incoming, outgoing and missed calls are logged in the call log feature. When multiple events from/to the same contact occur after eachother, the frequency is printed next to the contact. However, the details (like date and time) of only the last event of the sequence are stored. In earlier models, like the Nokia 6610, the details of all events are stored.

Synchronization (open issue)

How to synchronize calendar and todo items to a server, preferably in the iCalendar format?

Nokia N95 Deep Plum (S60 3rd edition (Symbian 9.1))

Nokia N900 (Maemo 5)

HTC Desire Z (Android 2.2.1)

Sony Xperia Z2 (Android)

Sony Xperia Z5 (Android)

Samsung Galaxy A50 (Android)